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The Intelligent Business Agility (IBA ) is the ability of an organization to be proactive, thanks to the synergy between people and intelligent digital assistants which reinforces the ability to anticipate customer needs.

The Intelligence Business Agility is developed on four dimensions, three operational and one digital social.

The operational dimensions are:

  • Organizational Agility, quickly reviewing organizational and operational models to achieve the best levels of efficiency and reduce operational risks.
  • Market-Fit Agility, which aims to improve the ability to proactively read the market to develop leadership, thanks to innovative products and services that increase trust in the organization.
  • Technical Agility, focused on promoting the use of cutting-edge technologies to always guarantee maximum innovation and quality of the proposed products.

The digital social dimension, the H.A.I. Agility (Human + Artificial Intelligence), concerns the network of social relationships amplified by the cooperation between Intelligent Digital Assistants (I.D.A.) and People.

It should be underlined that the three operational dimensions are shared with "traditional" Business Agility, as it is precisely the digital social dimension that develops the concept of "intelligence" that is being introduced here.

Each of these dimensions reinforces the clear and unequivocal message that artificial intelligence exists to help organizations in achieving their goals, unlocking people's potential.

It is time to move beyond obsolete biases that put humans against digital technologies, and it is essential that the leaders work towards this goals, convincing themselves that the future will be guided by those who can and know how to learn, growing and innovate by finding new ways to effectively combine human and artificial intelligence.

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Using a superlative introduced by Nick Bostrom, we can state that the IBA has its ultimate goal in the development of Collective Superintelligence, obtaining superior performance thanks to the integration of multiple intelligences.


Without human intelligence, there is no utility or purpose for artificial intelligence